AAMPLIFY envisions a country where AAPI leaders are proportionately represented in law and government

We empower underserved Asian Pacific American youth to become social justice leaders. By helping them recognize their leadership potential and ability to change the world, we give a voice to the needs of our community.

Together, our voices are amplified.

Asian Americans are in a unique position
at this time in our country
It's now more important than ever that we get involved with politics and advocate for our needs

Source: AsAm News

In 2009, President Obama reinstated the White House Initiative on AAPI to improve the quality of life for Asian Americans through increased access to federal programs, resulting in:

  • Unprecedented appointments in education and the justice system

  • Recognizing the contributions of Filipinos in World War II

  • Providing opportunity to 18,000 undocumented Asian immigrants under DACA and DAPA.


However, the current administration immediately disbanded this Initiative as of Inauguration Day in 2017. It’s become clear that this administration won’t look out for us, so we need to learn how to advocate for ourselves.

Due to insufficient representation and lack of Executive visibility addressing issues that affect our community, our needs remain neglected and overlooked. To bridge this gap, AAMPLIFY seeks to empower AAPI youth to become the next generation of social justice leaders to speak up and advocate for our needs. By empowering students in their identity and giving them confidence as leaders, we begin to address uniquely AAPI needs and stand up for civil rights and economic opportunity.

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