Our Social Justice Leadership Program

We help low-income high school students in the Bay Area that aim to pursue careers in law, government, non-profit and social enterprise

"This program was amazing and the curriculum actually teaches real world skills like public speaking, networking, advocacy and other skills that schools usually won't teach. I learned so much and met so many amazing people that helped me grow as a person."


-Jason, El Camino High School

Are you ready to be a change-maker?

Our program includes an intensive summer training and ongoing development with rotations in leadership, social justice and opportunity. By helping students recognize their leadership potential and ability to change the world, we give a voice to the needs of our community.


We help you develop effective leadership skills to be able to drive change and inspire others to take action. Our lessons include public speaking, complex problem-solving and teamwork

Social Justice

We take the time to understand AAPI history and identity to inform our approach for advocacy as well as coach you through effective strategies, such as storytelling and power-mapping 


We recognize that passion requires opportunity.  Often times, students from low-income backgrounds are unprepared for the college admissions process. We coach them with writing, interviewing and presentation skills

Mentorship Program

All of this is supported by our gracious volunteer mentors who will guide you through your journey, whether it's driving influence or getting advice for internships. It takes a village to shape a new wave of social justice leaders

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