Board of Directors

Rachel Palad

Executive Director & Head of Marketing

Adam Li

Director of Leadership

Michelle Lee Kuang

Director of Leadership

Kim Aquino

Director of Social Justice

Angela Yip

Director of Social Justice

Johnny Kuang

Director of Opportunity

Timothy Tam

Director of Finance


Gary Yin

Director of Growth

Our Team

AAMPLIFY was founded by a group of passionate young professionals dedicated to shaping the next generation of social justice leaders.

We remember what it was like to be a high school student waiting for someone to take a chance on us. We created AAMPLIFY to share our experiences with students just like you.

College Admissions Consultants

Brandon Chen

Angela Thai

Ryan Hata

Jason Lee

Advisory Board

Genevieve V. Jopanda

Chief Deputy Treasurer and Chief of Staff at the California State Treasurer's Office

Alex Wong

Senior Field Representative at the California State Senate

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